The history of the non-invasive method for determining the blood formula.

In 1992, PhD, a leading researcher at the Institute of Neurology, Psychiatry and Toxicology, Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine (Kharkiv), Malihin Anatoly V., conducted research and determined correlations between biochemical parameters and blood count.
In 2002, the program was created success based on a study of the formula of blood (obtained in the laboratory). Given these parameters, the program made it possible to determine the biochemical, hemodynamic and metabolic parameters of human life.
Work on the improvement of the software was carried out jointly with the employee Physico-Technical Institute of Low Temperature Sciences of Ukraine Vladimir Zaitsev. As the analysis of this version of the program, revealed contentious issues in the study of life parameters (in some cases there is no (or it is very small) correlation between the biochemical and metabolic parameters). They program could not give a logical answer.
In 2002., Malihin AV, by determining the temperature of the monomer in certain areas of the human body, came to the conclusion that these indicators are important information value. They determined the relationship between the work of the body and its temperature. It was proposed to measure the temperature behavior at active points simultaneously, in real time. These points were determined empirically, based on many years of practical experience Malihina AV
This innovation has been implemented in the modified software. This software was developed in conjunction with NPK "Biopromin" and its director Anatoly Antonovich Puławy. In analyzing the results, identify their highest potential. It was suggested to implement this software in the form of hardware and software, which later received the name "non-invasive blood analyzer AMP (the name associated with the names and surnames of the founders)."
Methodological stages of development are set out in more than 50 publications, 3 patents of Ukraine, including in the methodical recommendations "non-invasive method of determining the formula of blood, metabolic and hemodynamic parameters of human life."
On the basis of this development, in 2005., AV Malihin He defended his doctoral thesis at the Institute of Noosphere Technologies Academy of Natural Sciences of the Russian Federation, with a specialized multidisciplinary Board of Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation. Malihina AV He was awarded a doctorate in "Neurology and chemistry, laboratory work."
In 2006., In conjunction with the "Inter-CEP Ukraine" it was prepared to publish a monograph "vegetososudistoy paroxysmal states and thermoregulation of the body." Her output from the printer is scheduled for June 2007.
In 2006, with the participation of authors of development, the company was founded Inter-CEP (Hungary). Using the previous achievements, the company has issued an application for patenting the methodological foundations of hardware and software and its production in the European Union.