The main indications for processing hardware STARDRIVE


Treatment of shock-wave therapy is indicated for any disease where there is a need to improve the local microcirculation of blood and lymph, and can be used in virtually all diseases whose treatment requires such action.
Nevertheless, there is a list of the major indications and contraindications.

The main indications for treatment apparatus STARDEVICE:

-Deformiruyuschy Osteoarthritis (arthrosis) of large joints
-Osteohondroz Different parts of the spine
-Gryzha Intervertebral discs
-Miofastsialny Syndrome
-Pyatochnaya Spurs (plantar fasciitis), flat
-Sport Injury bone-ligament-articular apparatus (during rehabilitation)
Off-shoulder-blade of periartropatiya
-Reabilitatsiya After spinal cord and brain, accompanied by paresis and paralysis
-Reabilitatsiya For fractures (in the case of delayed fusion of the bones)
-Reabilitatsiya After joint replacement surgery (for persistent pain)
-Sinovity Various joints (not infectious)
-Diseases Shlyattera
Tibial tubercle -Osteohondroz
-Sindrom "Tennis elbow"
-Sindrom "Golfer's hands"
-Violation Blood coagulation (hemophilia)
-Application Anticoagulants, especially Marcumar
-Opuholevye Disease, carcinoma
A domain closure epiphyseal growth zones in children
-Treatment Hormones - up to 6 weeks before the first procedure


This list is not complete.
The device can be used in all therapeutic areas, not only orthopedic, and neurology, rheumatology, cosmetology (getting rid of cellulite) and many others.
The use of this type of therapy is limited only by the knowledge of a specialist.